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Life is about adventure. It is about living to the fullest every moment by taking advantage of the precious opportunities that come to us each day.

When we are younger most things in life require very little effort. But as we age we realize we must be actively involved to ensure we achieve our desired outcome. No matter what we want we must work to achieve it. Being actively involved the desired outcome will be well worth it. Our minds, bodies and spirits take on the challenge of life and suffer its effects. Consequently they need our attention to keep them healthy, dynamic and capable of dealing with life’s challenges.

Kimball M. Crofts MD, Aesthetica Plastic Surgery

My goal is to provide options for people to achieve whatever they want. Perhaps it’s to restore something they’ve lost, or obtain something they never had, or address those concerns that come with aging. Ultimately I want to help restore, rejuvenate, maintain and prevent the effects of aging on the body, mind and spirit. To meet the cosmetic needs for every stage of life. 

The "Comprehensive Cosmetic Care" program here at Aesthetica includes the treatments and services available to assist patients in their goals of actively taking care of their cosmetic needs to optimize how they look and feel throughout their entire lives. My desire is to provide you with the finest personalized care, while creating beautiful and natural results. Whether it is breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck or a full body lift. Your safety and desired outcome are my first priorities. 

If you’re a current patient, thank you for the opportunity to fulfill your plastic surgery needs. If you’re a new visitor, I look forward to meeting you and exploring the plastic surgery options available for enhancing your natural beauty.

This site offers me an additional way to provide helpful information about my plastic surgery practice in Utah and associated medical spa services. It is here to assist my current and future patients to make more informed decisions about their needs and how plastic surgery can help them.

As always never hesitate to contact my office if you have any unanswered questions or concerns. I truly believe I have the best staff in the world. They know their 'stuff' and they understand 'patient' satisfaction. My practice goals are theirs too. I genuinely hope that you will discover more about my practice and the many cosmetic enhancement procedures and treatments available to you.

The key to great plastic surgery is first gaining an understanding of what an individual is truly concerned about. Once this is clear, then it becomes a process of clarifying the physical cause of the concern, the diagnosis, so that the appropriate solution can be applied. Beyond this, is the surgeon--s skill, experience, and perception. Finally, perhaps most importantly, is safety. It is absolutely necessary to take every step possible to ensure a safe outcome. Safe and artfully skilled surgery yields optimal sculpted bodies and happy patients.Plastic surgery is the refined interplay of art and science. It combines the best surgical science with an innate aesthetic sense of the body--s form and function to produce a stunning result. Cosmetic plastic surgery, in a very real sense, is the surgical art of restoration and enhancement. Each individual seeking plastic surgery has either lost what once was or never had the ideal desired body image. Restorative cosmetic surgery attempts to recover body image loss secondary to age, gravity, sun, trauma, wear and tear, babies, nursing, weight loss, stress, etc. Enhancement surgery takes what has never been (small chest, disproportionate body weight distribution, etc.) and conforms it to a normal and more desirable result.


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