Breast Re-augmentation/Fix Breast Implants

Breast Re-Augmentation surgery is a process by which Dr. Crofts performs breast augmentation surgery due to issues that may have occurred with breast implants. The re-augmentation surgery may address issues such as:

"Double Bubble" Breast Revision Surgery

The main way to avoid the breast implant double bubble is to stay within the confines of your own anatomy. In general, it occurs when you can visibly see where the natural breast tissue ends and the breast implant begins. Fixing the breast implant dependent on the cause and it can involve simply addressing the scar tissue, adjusting the position of the implant or performing a breast lift. Successful repair is dependent on choosing a surgeon who has dealt with these abnormalities.

Symmastia Repair

Synmastia, which is commonly referred to as "uniboob" is where the two breasts meet or appear to touch in the middle and begin to appear as one breast.

Capsular Contracture Treatment

Capsular constructure is a condition with breast implants that can generally be treated surgically.

Breast Re-Augmentation Gallery

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