Facelift procedure from Dr. Kimball Crofts

This procedure provides a fresh appearance with the smoothing and firming of skin. Patients considering a facelift often have the following reasons: sagging skin, muscles and fat in the face/neck area, excess skin and fat on the neck, sagging jaw line or crease lines along the nose, mouth and chin.


In standard cases, a facelift involves making small incisions just inside the hairline, following the contour in front of the ear. We continue under the earlobe, to the backside of the ear and to the lower scalp. Tissue and fat deposits are then separated, allowing us to make necessary adjustments to the skin. At the end of the procedure, miniscule stitches are used to close the incisions.
If other cosmetic surgeries are completed simultaneously, a facelift may take several hours or longer. Postoperatively, the patient’s face is fitted with bandages to decrease swelling. The stitches, clips or staples are normally removed after a week.


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