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If you have dark circles or excess wrinkles under your eyes, this procedure can provide a more youthful appearance. Eyelid surgery can counter the physical effects of aging, especially when done in conjunction with other treatments such as a face lift or nose surgery.


Tiny incisions are made in the natural contours around the eyes. We remove any fatty tissue from the upper eyelids and tighten loose skin. The focus then turns to the lower eyelids, where puffiness is eliminated and dark circles are reduced. In some cases, laser technology and/or BOTOX may be used to ensure the best results. Eyelid surgery often takes one to three hours in the physician’s office.
We advise rest and healing postoperatively. Similar to an otoplasty, any minor pain can be easily treated with oral medication. Though the healing process for this procedure is slightly longer than other forms of cosmetic surgery, the benefits are long-lasting.


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