Ear surgery from plastic surgeon Dr. Crofts in Utah

We perform this procedure to reduce ear protrusion away from the head. Ideal candidates are those between the ages of four and 14 that have ears that “stick out.”
People with large ears and anybody with congenital irregularities also can enjoy the results from an otoplasty. If you’ve lost an ear or lost part of an ear in an accident, ear surgery may be the fix for you.


Depending on the patient’s age, we use either general or local anesthesia. An incision is then made in the crease behind the ear, allowing the cartilage to be reshaped for optimal positioning. An otoplasty usually lasts one to two hours.
Large bandages will be wrapped around the head upon surgery completion.  Within a week, these are removed and replaced with smaller compression dressings. To speed up the healing and reduce recovery time, we recommend the patient get plenty of rest initially. Any minor pain experienced postoperatively will be treated with oral medication.


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