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Breast Reduction Surgery/Procedure

Reduction mammaplasty, as it’s often called, helps reduce disproportionately large, asymmetric, sagging breasts. It can also reduce the areola size, which frequently grows enlarged as the breasts develops. The procedure is performed in a hospital or surgical center under general anesthesia.

Breast Reduction Sugery Procedure

We usually use horizontal and vertical incisions that follow the contour of the breast. On rare occasions during breast reduction, we detach the nipple from the breast before relocating it. Skin on both sides of the breast is re-draped around the areola and brought together to recontour the breast.
Postoperatively, gauze may be applied to the breasts or the patient may be placed in a surgical brassiere. Typical breast reduction surgery lasts three hours. Pain subsides relatively soon, while any swelling or skin discoloration settles within a few weeks.
Scars remain highly visible for about a year prior to fading. Just like before surgery, you will see a slight variation between the breasts with regard to shape and size.
We recommend that patients refrain from heavy lifting for two to three weeks. That said, you should feel well enough to be up and about after a day or two.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

The cost of breast reduction surgery will be discussed between you and Dr. Crofts and gives you an opportunity to have personal consultation with him about what the best course of action is for your breast reduction surgery.

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Recovery After Breast Reduction Procedure

Dr. Crofts may measure your breasts, take photos of them and discuss with you how much breast tissue will be removed. He may recommend a mammogram prior to the breast reduction. Before you undergo the surgery, you will want to have your home prepared with a number of items to assist in your recovery including:

Plan ahead to have someone stay with you and to drive you home after the procedure.

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