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In short, this procedure lifts the arm tissues back into their natural positions, holding them more effectively. Ideal candidates usually present a loose hammock effect of the brachial skin.

What is an Arm Lift Procedure Like?

Before the patient goes under general anesthesia, we draw the various lines of resection on the arms. Liposuction is then completed, followed by the excising and closing of excess fat and skin. Patients are instructed to wear a compression garment for three to four months, postoperatively.
The one downside to a brachioplasty is the significant scar left below the arm. However, we’ve found that patients don’t mind the scar when they realize that the large amount of fat and skin are gone.
Complications include, but are not limited to, the following: infection, bleeding, delayed wound healing, wound infection, hematoma, seroma, asymmetry, central tightening, scar hypertrophy, widened scars, persistent pain, nerve damage and vascular damage.

What Does an Arm Lift Cost? 

The cost of arm lift surgery will vary depending on your personal procedure and will be discussed between you and Dr. Crofts.

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