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Contrary to popular belief, cellulite isn’t a fat problem. It’s a structural problem beneath the skin that’s not your fault. While other treatments focus on fat from above the skin, Cellulaze the real cause of cellulite’s dimpled appearance. You only need one simple treatment to enjoy the benefits of smoother, healthier skin.

How it works

A small cannnula is inserted below the skin. Cynosure’s SideLight laser fiber then delivers energy under the skin to increase thickness and quality. It is here where we minimize the orange peel look correlated with cellulite. Lastly, the laser diminishes the lumpy fat pockets that protrude through the fiber bands.
Deciding if it’s right for you-Women with mild to moderate cellulite on their thighs, and who are not significantly overweight, are the best candidates.


Local anesthesia ensures minimal discomfort for the patient during this in-office procedure. You may experience some soreness following the procedure, but should be able to return to normal activities after a day or two. Patients see full healing in three weeks and final results in three to six months.
Background studies have shown that Cellulaze increases skin thickness by 25 percent and skin elasticity by 29 percent. These benefits flatten and smooth the skin’s surface to improve the appearance of cellulite.


Optimal results become visible at three to six months. We encourage patients to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen postoperatively as well.
Brief Video Introduction to Cellulaze


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